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Interesting job i did the other day in Tupelo, MS at the Tupelo Regional Airport.  Mr. Daniel was a excellent host that day. As you can see from the pictures these jet fuel tanks were horrible. This is where I had to break out the brush. Power Washing was not cutting it by itself. Of course I treated it with SH, about a 6% mix. If anybody is local and there in the power washing or pressure washing industry near Tupelo, MS give the power wash store a call. Mr. Steve, his son Ben and Ms. Jennifer are some of the best people you could ask for. If it was not for them, I wouldn’t be having a Pressure washing business in Tupelo, MS. I would be working a 9 to 5 and not slinging chemicals for roof washing and house washing. So I am extremely grateful for them. Back to the tanks, Power Washing them alone wasn’t cutting it so I had to break out the brush and scrub most of the fungus and algae off the tanks. I applied the chemical with my soft wash system. We utilize a 12 volt pump and a downstream injector. We also have a 6 gpm pressure washer which is a hot water unit and we have a 10 gpm cold water unit we break out every now and then.  

Could not ask for better results pressure washing in Tupelo, MS

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as well. Having both pressure washers makes things easier, especially if one goes down your back up and going with the other one. So thats my tip for today: Always have you a Plan B if your a business owner or for anything for that matter, but for sure for pressure washing services, power washing services, soft washing, roof washing, house washing, and pretty much any of it. There is nothing worse than breaking down at a customers home or commercial cleaning job and you have to leave and go get parts or another pump or whatever it maybe. Just have a back up plan. Time is money and money is time. So last thought every now again break out that brush. Make whatever your cleaning look the best as possible. Deliver what you say your going to deliver and over deliver. I am a new business and I am just now learning how to run a business and write a blog so I hope you enjoyed this project that I chose to write about. If you have any question please contact me today at 662-255-2919 if your local please. I want to thank my neighbor Kevin as he is the reason I landed this job, so thank you bud I really appreciate it. Y’all go check out my Facebook @spotonpressurewashingLLC and check out my new Youtube channel @northeastmspowerwash thanks everybody.

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