Northeast Mississippi Power Wash

Northeast Mississippi Power Wash first started as Spot on Pressure Washing. I still like the name, but I like the Northeast title a little better, and I believe it helps for SEO rankings. Now I don’t know what SEO is, but I am trying to learn it as I go. That is the main purpose of this post. I want to show people that if you have an idea you can be successful in life. With hard work, discipline, and the right team behind you, you can do anything. We as humans are our own worst enemy. We procrastinate and talk ourselves out of our dreams. Then were stuck in the 9 to 5 working for somebody else making them rich. It is not easy being a entrepreneur or a business owner, but it is possible for anybody to do. The reason I am writing this post because I want my followers to know who I am and what my goals in life are. My goals by the way, is to have one of the best customer services business in the pressure washing industry in my area. Two to reach a six figure business this year. Yeah it is a big goal being from Belden, MS, but I believe it is possible. Three to build one of the best teams in the industries for pressure washing. I want to grow my business not only to pressure washing, but for window cleaning, gutter cleaning, driveway cleaning, roof washing, house washing, and much more. I ride by some of these companies and homes thats infested with mildew and mold. One that can be bad for your health and they do not even know and it is my job to tell them. Two I can save them money with their power bill by keeping there roof cleaned. It makes me happy to help somebody save money and not have to give it to the big corporations. I want to be successful in life and so far I have not been, but with the right people behind me and the right training I know we can be the best in our industry for our community. Thank you for your time.

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